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  • Do you provide any product warranty?

Yes. We do provide one year warranty that covers all manufacturing parts and pieces for our pet carriers. The warranty period is determined by the date on the invoice. So please keep your invoice for ensure your

  • This warranty does not cover damage inflicted by pets, such as tearing, scratching, staining, or chewing and any tear from normal use.
  • If your product is damaged in the course of normal (or abnormal) use and tear, you may not qualify for our warranty.
  • ​Products damaged while being used in an unintended way are not covered by the warranty.

Please contact us to know if your situation is covered by warranty. 


  • Do you provide product repair?

If your products are not covered by our warranty, we can still offer a product replacement for a nominal fee or repair with modest fee.

  • Where can I purchase PurrPaw products?

You can purchase our products via our website or in the stores list below.

📍PurrPaw 呼嚕抱抱(公司)
[You have to make a reservation with us before going. ]


tel :02-2951-6099 (please give them a call to see if they are open or not before going)


tel :03-3620-070
open hour : 11:00 am - 09:00 pm 
《not open on Thursdays》


open hour:11:00 am - 09:00 pm


open hour: 10:00 am – 07:30 pm
《not open on Thursdays》


open hour:01:00 pm -09:00 pm 《not open on Mondays》

  • Do you participate any pet fair? 

Yes, we do.
We will announce our participation at least two weeks before the pet fair on our Facebook page and website.

  • What if my pet like to chew or scratch on the carrier?

Please keep the carrier away from your pet if it is not in use.

If your pet will chew or scratch on the pet carrier when he/she is inside of it, you might need to see if he/she is uncomfortable or is under any abnormal situation. 
Or you might need to offer your furry family crate training.
And you can provide your pet more toys to chew on.

  • How do I clean the pet carrier?

Cleaning Instructions
*Wipe exterior with damp cloth.
*Vacuum pet fur from bedding pad.
*Separate bedding pad form the pet carrier, hand wash or put it in the laundry bag before machine wash in cold, gentle cycle then line dry.

  • Which pet carrier would better suit for my furry family?

Please refer to our product page, all of our products has detailed measurements and recommended weight limit listed.
Or you can simply contact us via Facebook page or Line, we can provide our recommendation for your furry family. 

Facebook: @PurrPawTW


  • Can I get on board the public transportation with my pet in your pet carrier?

Yes, you can. Our pet carriers meet the pet carrier regulations for most public transportation in Taiwan.

  • Can I use your pet carrier to carry my pet when I ride the motorcycle? 

Yes, you can. 
You can put the pet carrier on the foot area, or simply carry them with the straps.